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on the humanitarian situation. >> michelle obama drums up support at the democratic national convention. >> and a strike by list on the cabin crew grounds thousands of passengers at three major german airports. >> the president of the international red cross has launched a mission to syria to seek greater protection for civilians. rubble-held areas are reported to be facing severe food shortages and a number of refugees fleeing the company's is mounting. >> they met with president assad in damascus to seek an end to the situation in the war torn country. >> they met for 45 minutes. he left damascus -- left damascus with a promise of the red cross could operate in damascus as long as the state impartial. >> the meeting in touched on issues related to the protection of the civilian population. during the conduct of hostility, the necessity for immediate access to health care services, to food and other basic necessities that have increased due to the continuing fighting. >> the lack of such necessities and the fear of violence are forcing people to flee in their thousands. this amateur fo
.s. president barack obama has made a bid for re-election at the democratic party's national convention in charlotte, north carolina. he told the delegates the vote in november is a choice of a generation, and he called on supporters to join him again. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place, and i'm asking you to choose that future. >> barack obama wrapped up the democratic national convention by asking voters to consider what the election is all about. >> on every issue, the choice you face won't just be between two candidates or two parties. it will be a choice between two different paths for america. >> obama delivered his message to delegates and to millions of americans watching on television. he responded to voters' concerns about the economy, promising 1 million new jobs in manufacturing over the next four years. >> yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together. we don't turn back. we leave no one behind. >>> president obama's message provided a book end to several days of speeches by prominen
convention have nominated barack obama for a second term as u.s. president. the stage is now set with the showdown with republican challenger mitt romney in the november election. >> ladies and gentlemen, i have been informed that barack obama is now our party's official nominee for president of the united states of america. >> before the roll call, former u.s. president bill clinton took the stage to make his case for why voters should give obama another term. >> i want -- i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states. and i proudly nominate him to be the standard bearer of the democratic party. >> clinton praised obama for his efforts to revive the economy. he said the president stopped the nation's slide and put the u.s. on the road to recovery. he also said republicans are asking voters to fire obama even though the previous administration left a mess that's not yet completely cleaned up. clinton said people who envision a country of shared prosperity and shared responsibility should vote for obama. the president is set to accept the nomination in a speech
this hour -- at the start of the un general assembly in new york, barack obama calls for action on syria where it security detail remains deadlocked. >> the head the european central bank defends the bank's bond- buying plans. >> and haunting masterpieces -- a museum in frankfurt exhibits paintings that happen to the dark side of romanticism -- tap into the dark side of romanticism. under way in new york. right now, much of the international community is focused on the conflict in syria. u.s. president barack obama in his address called for world leaders to end the regime of bashar al assad. >> the emir of qater, which is reportedly spending symbols -- emir of qatar, reportedly funding rebels, went so far as to say the regime should be taken down. russia and china indicated they have no intention of abandoning assad. >> the conflict in syria overshadowed every other topic at the opening of the general assembly in new york. the u.n. security council remains divided over sanctions against damascus, which have been blocked by syrian allies. u.n. secretary-general ban ki- moon renewed his ca
on americans to vote for barack obama. >> is it a bird? is it a plane? no, it is the russian president teaching cranes how to migrate. it is the announcement markets have been anticipating. the european central bank says it will intervene in bond markets to try to save the eurozone from its debt crisis. >> ecb boss mario draghi says the move to buy up bonds from struggling member states will be a fully effective backstop to potential dangers in the eurozone. >> draghi says the measure is within the bank's mandate to maintain price stability and that the euro is irreversible. >> at the press conference, draghi said what investors were waiting to hear -- with weak growth forecast to continue, he said the european central bank was ready to start buying bonds from struggling european governments. >> it is against this background that the governing council today decided on the modalities for undertaking out right transactions. in secondary markets for a sovereign bonds. >> draghi said governments wanting the ecb to buy their bonds will have to adhere to strict conditions. the program is aimed at low
obama windup addressing the democratic national convention in a rain down stadium on thursday? >> those are the fears of organizers who say the president's speech aiming to uplift the voters in the economic uncertainty could be drowned out by power of thunderstorms in the forecast. >> come rain or shine in charlotte, n.c., delegates are getting ready to pull out all stops like they do every four years when it is time to render their approval. >> she is campaigning for the reelection of president barack obama. she is the field director for the local democratic headquarters in columbia mayor washington. she will be a delicate at the party convention in charlotte, n.c. >> it's such an honor to be chosen, to be able to go to the convention as a delegate, especially being so young. i decided to talk with different people there, all the people who have much more experience than myself and learning from them. >> it gives democrats from across the nation the chance to network and there are high expectations of obama as speech when he accepts the nomination on thursday. >> is definitely importan
of disappointing jobs numbers. president barack obama promised to lead the nation "to a better place" and warned the road ahead would be difficult. it was revealed the u.s. economy added only 96,000 jobs, well below the 125,000 economists had been expecting. the unemployment rate dropped but the weak data played in to the hands of the opposition. >> republican presidential hopeful met romney said the jobs report proves obama's policies have not worked and no president since the great depression has been reelected with unemployment over 7.2%. >> more on the u.s. presidential election in a moment, but first on to the markets and weaker than expected unemployment data which was in focus. many are betting it will prompt further stimulus by the u.s. federal reserve. as a result, european stocks climbing higher ending their biggest weekly rally in three months. conrad sent us this summary from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> bad news from the american labor market's leading to buying stocks on the market. the situation in the labor market is very much linked to the speculation. the news in august, mu
, president barack obama and first lady michelle obama paid tribute to the victims, first at the white house and later played a wreath at the pentagon. president obama and republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, each released statements speaking of america's united stance against terrorism. i think it is fair to say we all remember where we were on that day. >> exactly. it is something i will not forget. we will be back in one minute with tamara's decision on the eurozone bailout fund. >> and the upcoming dutch general election. don't go away. >> shaken, not stirred. >> are you sure? dirty water is the only drink millions of children have. and 3000 of them die every day. please come and get involved. make your donation to unicef. >> welcome back. europe and countries around the world are waiting for the german court decision on the esm. some say without the fund, europe could fall deeper into the eurozone crisis. but how about concerns regarding national sovereignty? many say risks to the system is so grave that some concessions should be made. here's a look a potential no ruling would
force base just outside washington. president barack obama, secretary of state hillary clinton, and defense secretary leon panetta were on hand to honor the men. in his comments, president obama praised the men's commitment and dedication and said that the sacrifice would never be forgotten. >> we turn right now to our top story, and that is the fact that there is this violence in sudan. we are joined now by a journalist in sudan, who joins me on the line from khartoum -- actually, i'm just hearing from our producer that we do not have that interview. we will move onto another story. anti-western violence has also exploded in tunisia. the country's official news agency said two protesters were killed and dozens wounded when islamist demonstrators stormed the u.s. embassy in the capital tunis. witnesses say a group of protesters managed to briefly into the embassy compound before police and soldiers could secure the area. hundreds of stone-throwing demonstrators continued to clash with security forces. there are also reports that the american school in the city has been set on f
. >>> president barack obama has tiblgtened u.s. diplomatic posts all across the world. armed men stormed the embassy. a u.s. film mocking islam prompted the attack. the gunman shoot at the guildings and tossed handmade bombs into 2 come pound sparking fires, obama issued a statement confirming that adventure christopher stevens is among the four victims. he ordered security to be increased for u.s. citizens in libya. the american-made film that sparked the attack is considered insulting to islam's profit mohammad. that film also triggered anti-american outrage in egypt. demonstrate fors assembled on the u.s. embassy in chicago. hundreds of people gathered in the compound, some of them scaled the walls. they brought down a u.s. flag and burned it. >> egypt has lost them and it has not solved any problems. >> part of the film in question has been uploaded to the internet. >>> firefighters in pakistani's biggest city of karachi continue looking for victims after a fire that swept through a clothing building. the four-story structure went up in flames on tuesday afternoon with more than 400
.s. president barack obama has changed strategy with a new focus on the asia pacific region. security analysts say he has got his eye on the increasing military presence of china. japanese and australian personnel have responded by reinforcing cooperation. they want maintain stability in the region. so they've agreed to work together on things like peacekeeping operations and disaster relief. >> translator: the security situation in the asia-pacific region has changed. we've succeeded in achieving common vision. >> this two plus two meeting, the governments of australia and japan, have reaffirmed a commitment to strengthening these partnerships. >> reporter: the ministers discussed how to supply japan's defense forces and australian defense force. the two sides reached an agreement two years ago on how to support personnel when working together. but japanese lawmakers haven't approved the deal. still, japanese leaders have promised to expand their role in security across the region. and they say they'll do the working side by side. mari sakamoto, nhk world, sydney. >>> the australians are enco
obama. the bible verse reads, "let his days be few and let another take his office." jones is a serial provocateur. he has caused uproar by burning copies of the koran. he has also dug a grave and directed a tombstone for president barack obama. for his presidency, jones points out in the fine print. all the attention has led jones and his associates to take precautions. he carries a pistol, and his bodyguard does as well. >> with the amount of death threats that we have received and the rewards that are on our lives, i think it is only wise to send that type of message, yes. >> the pastor will not show was inside the church. he said he would rather show off his studio in the basement where he and his associates film anti- islam videos. the men here in this florida basement stay in touch and collaborate with others all over the world. it is a loose knit group, held together by hate for islam. >> in the united states, there is a cottage industry of islamaphobes. in southern california, there are some secondary stars in this constellation of anti-muslim activists. >> among them, the lege
to civilian nuclear research. his speech came a day after president obama told the general assembly that washington would do whatever is necessary to prevent iran from getting nuclear arms. >> ahmadinejad used his final appearance on the united nations stage to criticize israel once again. >> continued threats by the uncivilized zionists to resort to military action are a bitter reality in my great country. >> western nations, which accused iran of developing nuclear weapons, usually walk out during his speeches, but the seats filled up with this man took the stage -- the egyptian president addressed the assembly on the need for international negotiations rather than military intervention in syria. >> we need a solution that preserves the unity of this brotherly state, involves all factions of the syrian people without mitchell, religious, or sectarian division. >> he also said it was outrageous that palestinians are still being denied their right to an independent state. the dig at israel was no doubt appreciated by iran. >> for more, we go now to our correspondent, who is standing
obama announced last november his plan to station u.s. marines in australia. troops are dispatched on six months' rotation, and are scheduled to be increased to 2,500 in the next five to six years. cooperation with the australian military in the asia pacific region will help the u.s. keep a close eye on china and will have the added benefit of reducing costs. there is a strong demand for drastic cuts in military spending in the u.s. amid the ever-rising need to reduce the national deficit. but surrounding countries, including china and indonesia, are highly sensitive to the increased military cooperation between the united states and australia. takeo nakajima, nhk world, darwin. >>> and that will wrap up our bulletin for today. i'm patchari raksawong in bangkok. >>> government forces are pounding rebel positions in syria's main cities. the britain-based syrian observatory for human rights says nearly 100 civilians were killed on sunday across the country. government troops used tanks and helicopters to attack rebels in the south of the capital damascus. a staff member for unrwa, th
barack obama is challenging chinese auto sector subsidies that he says threatens american jobs. during a campaign appearance in the swing state of ohio, he announced the u.s. has filed a complaint with the world trade organization. the auto industry plays a major economic role in ohio. washington alleges china illegally imposes duties of $3 billion on imports of u.s.-made automobiles. >> the summer vacations might be over but the issue that has dogged european politicians, the eurozone crisis, took front and center at angela merkel's press conference today. >> it was a chance for journalists to pound the chancellor with questions. with parliamentary elections due next year, she's very aware of the public sentiment on the debt crisis. >> angela merkel's annual luck -- annual press conference consisted of one major topic -- the eurozone press credit -- the eurozone crisis. they queried her on the eurozone crisis and germany's message. her message was simple -- unity. >> in europe must work together. no single country can achieve as much as the european union as a whole. we are fortunate
barack obama's administration eased economic sanctions against myanmar in july in response to those changes. she didn't leave her country previously. she feared the military wouldn't allow her to return home. she resumed overseas trips this year as a member of parliament. she visited thailand in may and europe in june. myanmar's president will be if had the united states at the same time as aung san suu kyi. he'll be attending a general assembly in new york. >>> businesses in thailand are gradually recovering after floods. but still struggling to return to pre-disaster levels of production. farmers are trying to bring back the fruit that was once the pride of central thailand. >> reporter: the durian has a unique appearance with hundreds of thorns covering its husk. it is one of the largest fruits in the world and famous for its strong odor which leaves people divided. now, despite what some might describe as an uchbsive smell, it actually has a pretty sweet and creamy texture. that's why it's popular amongst millions of consumers. that's why it's the king of fruits in southeast asi
opposition leader, aung san suu kyi, is on her way to the u.s.. she is on our way to meet president obama and receive one of the nation's highest civilian honor. she was under house arrest in burma when she was originally awarded the congressional gold medal back in 2008. >> the u.s. space shuttle endeavor is on route to retire at a california museum. its spending night in houston, texas, after taking off from florida. it will finish its journey in los angeles where it will permanently go on display. >> arctic ice has melted to a record low. scientists say summarize at the north pole is the thinnest it has ever been since satellite data collection began. researchers warn the decline will trigger more extreme global weather. many put it down to man-made global warming. >> unfortunate. >> with all of the attention on the eurozone crisis and questions about a future for the european project tummy may be surprised european union is moving ahead with expanding. >> croatia is set to join the european union next july and has been making moves to meet the necessary requirements. this week, the go
president barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton intended to calm the situation. washington needs the cooperation of pakistan in its fight against terrorism. it's keen to avoid any further escalation in anti-american sentiment. prime minister ashraf called for the demonstration to be peaceful and within the law. >> pakistan -- >> translator: we are an islamic country with nuclear weapons. so we have to protest responsibly. >> reporter: mobile phone networks in major cities have been shut down to try and keep the situation under control. terrorists have carried out attacks inside pakistan frequently in recent years. the government wants to avoid public anger from boiling over and making the security situation horse. hideki yui, nhk world, islamabad. >>> a demonstration of a different kind has been taking place in myanmar after ordinary people took to the streets of yangon on friday in the largest public demonstration since the government of reformist president thein sein took power last year. marchers called on the government to stop the military's armed conflict with ethnic
and president obama came a little bit too late. after a perception had been given here in pakistan that the u.s. did not intervene to take the objectionable film off of youtube and other social media. what compounded the situation was the government's announcement to observe friday as a day of love to the prophet mohammed, and this way, the government basically walk into a trap that the individual political parties had set for the government. of course, the loss of the 25 people in one day from the north to the south basically underscored that such protests can hardly be controlled, and that the criminal element will also take advantage of such occasion. >> it is very hard for people outside of pakistan to believe that the government was not aware of the risk of violence when it sponsored this day of mass demonstrations. what is the government thinking? >> basically, i think this reflects the inability of the government, and extremely ill- preparedness, poor preparation, to meet with such eventualities. we also know that back in 1989, in one people, seven people died on the streets of islamab
u.s. president barack obama and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton on monday. she also met moon on friday in new york. she plans to cooperate with myanmar's president to promote national develop. >> i do support the easing of sanctions because i think that our people must start taking responsibility for their own destiny. >> during her visit so far, the opposition party leader has met with people from myanmar who fled government oppression. >> translator: i invite you all even if you are outside myanmar to come together and help our country. >> suu kyi will continue to call for reconciliation between the u.s. and myanmar and also among the people of myanmar during her visit to the u.s. which lasts until october 3rd. >>> japan's environment ministry has decided to study wildlife in no entry areas around the crippled fukushima daiichi plant in preparation for the return of residents in the future. the decision follows a number of reports about wild boars and monkeys from people who temporarily returned to their home. experts believe the populations of boars and monkeys which
to be released on sunday. u.s. president barack obama argued his second term at the conclusion of the democratic party's national convention in charlotte, north carolina. in his prime time speech, sepg the party nomination, he stated that voters will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation. nhk world reports. >> reporter: move forward, not backwards. build on progress, don't diverse it. president barack obama aimed to impress on the nation that electing him means to choose the future and that mitt romney is a relic from the past. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place and i'm asking you to choose that future. >> reporter: romney's prescription to get the economy back on track is a mix of smaller government, tax cuts for the rich and less regulation. president obama says he will increase taxes for the wealthy, continue regulating wall street and spend more to create jobs. he says voters will have to choose between supporting the middle class and the rich. >> the choice you face won't just be between tw
is cooperating with the government's democratic reforms. president barack obama's administration eased economic sanctions against myanmar in july in response to those changes. aung san suu kyi didn't leave her country previously. she feared the military wouldn't allow her to return home. she resumed overseas trips this year as a member of parliament. she visited thailand in may and europe in june. >>> myanmar's president thain seine will be in the united states at the same time as aung san suu kyi. he'll be attending the u.n. general assembly in new york. >>> the berlin philharmonic orchestra has played a charity concert for children in a quake-hit japanese city. the money raised will help buy musical instruments. ♪ the concert played to a packed house of about 1,200 people in berlin, raising money for a children's orchestra in soma city. the city has a history of supporting musical education. now it plans to launch a children's orchestra. the organizers hope it will help the children recover from last year's earthquake and tsunami. the program included famous pieces by vor ak and schonberg.
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22